Caught in a (vm)Trap

I was reminded by a recent posting by Joachim Tuchel (VMTRAP with VA Smalltalk due to strange bytecode differences (or whatever)), that I needed to document my own recent experience with vmtraps.

I was working with another developer at TAF debugging a VA Smalltalk 8.5.2 image in AIX when his development image died, and couldn’t be re-opened. Moments later, other developers using the same AIX machine reported that they couldn’t open development images either. Packaged images were fine, as were VAST 8.0 images. Lacking a better solution at the time, I had our system administrator bounce the box, and all was well.

I was later reminded by the fine folks at Instantiations support that I should have checked for rogue es processes, and made sure that the /tmp/es directory was clear of all files once every possible Smalltalk process was gone. The same reminder would hold true for Linux and Solaris users as well.

Just something to keep in mind when working with Smalltalk in a UNIX environment…


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