Ubuntu 64-bit and Cincom Smalltalk 32-bit

You’ll need to issue these commands:

sudo apt-get install libc6:i386
sudo apt-get install libx11-6:i386
sudo apt-get install zlib1g:i386

The Magic is Back

In the interest of getting on with life, I succumbed and created a magic build image (actually there are four, but they’re the same).  So the build is now happening with Jenkins and I’ve moved to other matters for now.

You can’t go back

One of the things I’ve always liked about computers is that doing x to y always gives you z.  That is, until I started using Cincom’s Smalltalk.  Now, doing x to y gives me z, a, b, c… but never in a predictable fashion, and I always get a new answer.  This has added a challenge to problem-solving.  Yes, I’m in contact with Support.

Almost there

I found that using a combination of James’ tutorial, and Cincom’s documentation got me to within a stone’s throw of where I wanted to be.  What I want now is a StORE reference for ENVY users.

Bring Back the Magic

Actually, it doesn’t seem to have left. Even Cincom is asking us to create a “magic” build image. After all these years, why is this still the case? Or is it us? Am I the only one that likes to start a day of development on a fresh image, knowing for sure that there’s no cruft from previous work? It seems to be the case. There’s a tutorial, but it goes back to 2009, and invokes the dulcet tones of the late James Robertson. I liked and respected James, but I was hoping for something a little more recent.

Cincom has many of the parts, but there’s problems. In 8.1 at least, the settings import is broken. That’s right, you can export the prerequisites page all you want, but importing doesn’t work. Nor does resetting to default. I would guess that if any testing were done, it was only to ensure that things didn’t blow up. Even once you’ve figured out the settings aren’t exporting properly, though, figuring out the prerequisites is a guessing game.

What I want to do seems simple enough. I just want to start with a virgin image, load a bunch of stuff, make sure there’s no current owner, save the image and get out. Why am I spending days on this?  Surely this deserves a paragraph or two in the documentation!

It Must Be Later

Because I’m writing again.  The company was founded by a former colleague of mine from my first tour at TAF.  He took some ideas of mine and ran with them, creating a niche for himself.  The new position has me looking at a number of things based on my experiences at TAF. 

The first thing I’ll need to do is automate the build process. They’ve been without since upgrading to VW 8.1, and it shows. Creating a working image is a real pain!

Try the Veal

Yes, folks, I’m back in the Smalltalk saddle again, and I’m here all week. In Ottawa, that is. I’m playing for Team Cincom now, but it’s not a great hardship. I will say that Envy has StORE beaten by a long shot. I’m working for one of the few Smalltalk shops left in Ontario, although they, like others, don’t advertise Smalltalk. More later…